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April the 2nd 2013


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The Pharos Vehicle Competition has wrapped up and once again the Game Artist community has treated us to some excellent entries. The brief to create a Quagflier, the brutal hunting vehicle of the Oolark was pushed to the limit with everything from amphibious tracked machines to a hunting platform floating on the back of a flying creature.

We were blown away by the broad range of both entries and entrants and it was great to see so many artists get involved. One of the goals of the Double Happy project is to give artists the opportunity to create art within the context of the Double Happy universe and so we plan to continute to run plenty of Creative Competitions in the future.



Our judges Martin Punchev (vertexbee, worthy winner of the Pharos Creature Design Competition), Chris Kautz, Josh Herman and the Double Happy Team had a hard task picking the winners out of some extremely strong entries.

DOMBYTO takes home:
CGWorkshop Course valued at $599USD
Wacom Intuous 5 Large tablet valued at $469USD
Production Credit (The winner will be approached by the Double Happy team about including their design in the production of the game demo) 

A very close runner up is NIRTH
Runner up prize:
Massive Black Volume 2 (Slip cased edition) from Ballistic valued at $65USD
Selection of Double Happy Merchandise valued at $200USD

And rounding out our top 5 are:
ASPIRING_ARTISTS, CARVULIERO and KLAYONE who have received feedback from our judges. 

See the feedback from our judges here.


Floating deep within the Chimaeran Sea is the corrupted island of Pharos. Now infected by The Infinite Sadness, this once bright land has now become dark and grim.

The Totem of Light has been shrouded from this world by the Oolark who are now using it for their own selfish ends and this once forested island now lays in rot and decay, the inhabitants struggling for survival.

The Shyala - a once proud and noble race - now scavenge amongst the swamplands while the Oolark holed up in their fortified city, farming electrically charged bugs known as Glitzers to power their equipment, weapons and vehicles. They often send raiding parties into the wilds to hunt and loot, enslaving the Shyala and sending many species of their world to extinction. The mighty and brutal Quagflier is the vehicle of choice for the Oolark raiding parties.


You need to design and present a Quagflier.

It is up to you how much WIP you want to show along the way, flyarounds, mesh topology, textures, concept art etc is definitely desirable, and may help to sway the judges, but the final entry will be one 1920x1080 image. You can show many angles within this image, or one dynamic action shot. However you present this though, it is important that the vehicle suits the purpose defined in the Quagflier description below.


The Oolark hunt in a raiding team of four, with each vehicle carrying a driver, an elite guard and two hunters. The raiding teams need to find, chase down and capture alive the elusive Shyala.

The vehicle they travel in is known as a Quagflier. The Quagflier is capable of easily traversing the choked swampy marshes of Pharos. Each Quagflier is capable of transporting a maximum of 20 Shyala prisoners (although in nothing resembling comfort). The wellbeing of the prisoners is not high on the list of priorities for the Oolark crew, however it is important that the Shyala arrive alive and in one piece.

Quagfliers are powered by Glitzer bugs and also use Glitzers to power the spotlights needed to track down hiding, and fleeing, Shyala.

Each Oolark squad customises their Quagflier, with competition between rival squads getting pretty intense. The Quagfliers take a bit of a beating each time they go out on a raid, and so adhoc repairs between hunts is the norm. Quagfliers are fast and brutal, as are the Oolarks that use them.


The Oolark are strong and relatively well fed, some even a little fat. Over years of being exposed to too much light, they have difficulty seeing in the dark. They praise light and power. Some of the more wealthy wear the Glitzer bugs as jewellery like one might wear gold.

Whilst they have developed superior electric technology, the rest of their tech has reached a plateau in the steam age, mostly because they have become a race of warriors who rely on strength, power and fear to survive. In more recent years, the Glitzer Bugs have become more and more scarce, ever making them more reliant on the generosity of their Leader to provide for them.


The Shyala have grown accustomed to their dark and murky surroundings, with overly large eyes and relatively pale green skin. Whilst survival has meant they have become very good at navigating swampland most of them are skinny, and vastly malnourished. Every day for them is a day of struggle and hardship. Food is scarce, and with enemies everywhere they are forever on their guard. They are a relatively primitive group of people who practice ancient tribal rituals, often banding together for a sense of safety and belonging.



This competition is a little different from the others we've run to date.

We have now been lucky enough to have the folks over at Game-Artist want to run this competition with us. They are part of the CG Society network and are a great creative community for video game artists; the perfect place for a Double Happy competition and for you to get involved if art for games is your passion!

But what does this mean for you and the competition? To enter, you will need to be a registered user of their forum; It's fast, simple and has allowed us to offer a much better range of prizes. Check out the competition on their site here

All final digital images should have pixel dimensions of 1920x1080 and uploaded as high quality jpg’s.


1st Place

  • CGWorkshop Course valued at $599USD

  • Wacom intuous 5 Large tablet valued at $469USD

  • Production Credit (The winner will be approached by the Double Happy team about including their design in the production of the game demo)

2nd Place

  • Massive Black Volume 2 (slip cased edition) from Ballistic valued at $65USD
  • Selection of Double Happy Merchandise valued at $200USD


The top 5 entries will receive detailed feedback on their work from our esteemed judging panel detailing how they felt it could be improved or highlighting excellence in design.



Remember that we’re after concept, so while the polish will always win some brownie points, the ideas behind it are the most important. Some other things we will judge on are:

  • Originality
  • Execution
  • Visual narrative
  • The Double Happy Factor (make us go WOW!)


OUR ESTEEMED (non-bribe accepting) JUDGES

Judge 01: Josh Herman

Judge 02: Chris Kautz (kanga)

Judge 03: The Double Happy team

Judge 04: Martin Punchev (vertexbee, Winner of the last competition & designer of the Oolark!)



Dear Artist (yes, that’s you!),

To give yourself the best chance of winning, we strongly recommend reading more about the island of Pharos. There are some subtleties you might learn about the island or the game to give you the edge in the competition!

The Double Happy team are an Indi outfit and we’re doing our best to make a great game for people to enjoy. As such, we’d like to stress we are NOT looking for free labour! We’re artists ourselves and totally understand how much it hurts to be ripped off or not acknowledged for the great work we do. We’ve tried our best to provide a fun and detailed brief together with some great prizes and incentives too; so have a look over the details and decide if it’s right for you before you enter.

If you like what we’re doing we’d really appreciate Facebook likes, registrations on our site or if you're a member of STEAM, hit the link below, login and 'rate' us! This will go a long way in helping us bring the major game to fruition and ultimately, involve more artists!

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Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading, We hope you’re feeling inspired and look forward to seeing your entry!


the Double Happy team



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